Friday, February 12, 2016

In Response to the Luxury Tiny Home Haters

After reading several blogs about the true meaning of the tiny house, it got me thinking, "Why does the tiny house movement need one meaning?" Some tiny home owners are frustrated with the new and luxurious "big" tiny homes. Others feel the movement has lost it's purpose of living simply and sustainably. Some people are in it to save money and others to be able to travel more. Whatever the reason is why, remember we are all "living tiny" to better our lives and discover what matters most to us as individuals and a society!

Downsizing may mean 3,000 square feet to 1,000 square feet. Sustainable may mean completely off grid or just being more conscious of water usage. Simplifying may mean spending more time as a family or getting outdoors more. Whatever it is that is considered to be a part of the "tiny house movement" is a step in the right direction. Are you truly a part of the movement if your house is over 500 square feet? Sure..why not? As long as you are making an effort to better your lives and the planet, then YES, you are in the spirit of the movement.

So let's not focus on the knit picking and negative comments. Focus on on the fact that the "tiny house movement" is inspiring people to simplify their lives, live with the Earth in mind and focus on what's going to make their lives better! So for any of the haters out there, I ask you to pause and think; are YOU acting in the spirit of the tiny house movement if you are hating on others or would it be more helpful if you let others see what a positive impact your tiny house life is having on you and your family and those you love.

For all of you making tiny steps to "living tiny" remember to take it slow, enjoy and do what works best for you and go from there! Let's keep this awesome vibe going people!

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